Turn Your Proposal Into A Signed Document

Give your prospect the option to immediately accept and sign your proposals. All within the platform.
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Digital Signatures in Proposa

Remarkable Proposals Turn Into Signed Documents

Get your proposal agreed upon and signed. All within the eShakkhor platform.

  • Digital Signatures Allow your prospects to digitally sign and agree to your proposal.
  • PDF Final Documents You and your prospect will get a PDF copy of the proposal sent to your email inbox.

Digital Signing FAQs

Getting your proposal inked has never been easier.

What account tier do I need to enable digital signing?

Team and Business customers have digital signing included on their account.

Can I edit a proposal that has been signed?

No. A signed proposal is considered final. You will no longer be able to edit proposals that have been signed off on.

You can, however, create new copies of new proposals based on those signed proposals.