Know What's Important To Your Prospect

Get a leg up and understand how your prospects are using your content. With Proposa's heatmaps, you can see how long they spend on each section.
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Know What Type of Buyer You're Working With

Generally, buyers come in one of two forms. Price-conscious buyers and experience-conscious buyers. With Proposa's heatmaps, you can see what section your prospects spend the least and most time on. If they're really paying attention to your pricing and nothing else, chances are you have a price-conscious buyer. If they're looking at your case studies and team bios more than anything else, they're buying based on experience. Use this knowledge to sell the right value propositions to your prospects.

  • See How Your Content is Consumed Visual heatmaps give you a deeper understanding of who your buyer is and what's important.
  • What's Hot? And What's Not? See cumulative time spent on each section and use this information to hone and refine your pitch.
  • Understand Your Buyer Know the right value propositions to hit on with the type of buyer you're selling to.

Heatmaps & Behavioral Analysis FAQs

eShakkhor’s analytics suite gives you an unprecedented look into the behaviors of your buyer. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

How do the heatmaps work?

We run a small script while they’re looking at your proposal and time them as they move from section to section.

What if my prospect leaves the computer while my proposal is open?

We detect non-active time and ignore that data. If we don’t see any movements within 30 seconds, the timer stops. If they come back, it switches back on.

What's the best way to use the heatmaps?

Any additional information you can get on your prospect’s behavior is important. You may find that some content is simply skimmed and not looked at while other pieces of content are read thoroughly. Use that information in follow up correspondences to help you pitch the right thing to the right person at the right time.