Know When and Where Your Proposal is Opened

If you send an email attachment, you lose all visibility over how your content is being consumed. With Proposa, you open up new insights into how your prospects use your content.
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Real-Time Open Notifications

Get the insights you need that helps you know when to follow up.

  • Real-Time Open Notifications Get pinged every time your prospect opens your proposal. Use this knowledge to know when to follow up.
  • Track Open Locations Get additional insights and know where your prospect is viewing your proposal.
  • Protect Your Content Has your proposal been forwarded to a third party? Simply revoke access to protect your intellectual property.
  • Know When You're Top-of-Mind Act when you know you're top-of-mind. Avoid the scheduling circle.

Open Notifications FAQs

eShakkhor delivers insights that help you sell better, smarter, and faster. Our open notifications give you the tools to know when to act.

How do open notifications work?

Each time your proposal is opened, an email is sent to your address with the details of the interaction. It includes who opened it, the city and state it was opened from, and other proposal details that help you know which proposal is being opened.

Am I going to get notification bombed?

No. Our open notifications are smart and based on sessions, not views. So if your prospect refreshes the page, or clicks the link twice within a 30-minute period, only a single notification will be tracked and sent.

When should I follow up with my prospect?

The fine print: don’t be creepy. You know your prospect is looking at your proposal, but give them time to digest it. Don’t follow up immediately. But by the third time they’ve opened, and if you haven’t heard back from them, give them a call.