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You may be skeptical about how eShakkhor can produce significant lift to your win rate. Maybe you're unsure if eShakkhor is as easy as we're claiming. That's why we want to give you the opportunity to try it completely free for 14 days.
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Your Proposals Will Never Be The Same

You could send that stock proposal in a Word Doc or a PDF. Or you could send a brilliant digital experience instead.

  • Beautiful Digital Proposals Your proposals have never looked better. Plus, they're automatically formatted to fit any device.
  • Actionable Insights eShakkhor delivers insights you can use, such as real-time open notifications and behavioral analysis.
  • Edit Your Proposal ... Even After You Send It You're not emailing an attachment, you're sending a link. This gives you 100% control over your content at all times.
  • Secure Your Content You can clawback your content at any time and deactivate any proposal that has been sent.

Trial FAQs

Your eShakkhor trial is truly risk-free.

Which features are available on eShakkhor trials?

Simply put, all of them. Once you choose which tier you would like to trial, you get all the features and benefits of a full account during your trial.

Can I change tiers mid-trial?

You can. But it’s important to note if you’re going to a lower tier, you will still enjoy all the features of the current tier you’re on until your trial matures.

If you’re going to a higher tier, your trial will end at the moment of upgrade and you’ll receive the full benefits of the new tier immediately.

Can I cancel my trial to avoid being billed?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your trial anytime, no questions asked. Your trial account will stay open for the full 14 days, so feel free to keep evaluating, even after you cancel. You will not be billed.

Will you let me know before I am billed?

Yes. We’re big believers in sound business practices. We’ll email you 3 days before your trial matures to give you a last chance to cancel in case you forgot. We only want money that people want to pay us. We have no interest in keeping money you didn’t want us to have.