Turn Key Onboarding

Get your first proposal built with the professionals. Real-time and at your convenience.
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Marketing Proposal Built on Proposa

Get Your First Proposal Built For You

Creating visually stunning proposals in eShakkhor is quick and easy. With our turn key onboarding, we'll do the heavy lifting and create your first proposal while you sit back, watch, and learn.

  • You Supply The Content Provide us with a proposal you've used in the past, a PowerPoint or a PDF, and we'll transform it into a gorgeous digital experience.
  • Watch Us Build Your Proposal Live We'll coordinate a live session so you can watch and learn while one of our integration specialists builds out your proposal.
  • Keep The Recorded Session After the session, we'll send you our recorded session together and you can re-watch it later.
  • Get Started Quickly With a great proposal already loaded in your library, you can get started selling better, smarter, and faster.

Get Started With Turn Key Onboarding

Simply choose a tier that works for you, create an account, and let us know you'd like the turn key treatment.

  • Register for an Account Accounts at the Team and Business level are eligible for free turn key onboarding.
  • Request Turn Key Onboarding Request your onboarding session with us by starting a chat session with us.
  • Schedule a Time We'll schedule a time with your team and get to work building your proposal while you learn.
  • Prosper You'll have all the tools you need to make that next pitch a winning pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? No problem. If these don’t answer your questions, feel free to click the blue chat icon in the lower right to talk with us.

What do I need to do to get started?

Simply register for an account on eShakkhor at the Business tier.

After you register, start a new live chat request and let us know you’d like to get started with turn key onboarding.

We’ll ask for a few documents. Normally, this will be a sales proposal you’ve used previously. Send us a PowerPoint, a Word Doc, or a PDF to get started. Then we’ll schedule a time with you and your team to get started.

What does the onboarding session look like?

We’ll do a live call with one of our integration specialists and your team on the other end. We’ll share our screen with you and you can watch how we take your materials and transform them into a beautiful digital experience. You can ask questions at any time and we’ll record the session and send you a video file for future reference.

What happens after onboarding?

You and your team will be experts in eShakkhor and you’ll also have a wonderful proposal pre-built for you that you can use for future proposals.

Creating new proposals from that base is as simple as a click and you’ll be surprised at how much efficiency you gain.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch. All you have to do is register at the Business level or above and let us know that you’re interested. You must redeem your onboarding session within 30-days of account creation.

If you’re in the trial period, do note that we’ll end the trial at the point of your request and your account will become fully active.

There’s no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Can I purchase extra sessions?

If you’re on the Individual tier or do not qualify for the turn key onboarding program, you can purchase a session with us for a one-time charge of $499.

Does Turn Key Onboarding Require an Annual Commitment?

Yes, whether purchased as an add-on at the Individual or Team plan or included with the Business plan, we do require an annual commitment at your plan level to expedite the onboarding session.