Users & User Limits

A user is anyone who has access to create or edit proposals on your account.
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Understanding User Types

Not every user is created equally. In Proposa, you can designate team members with the following roles.

  • Account Owner This is the person that starts the account and has the ability to manage your company's subscription settings as well as invite new users and manage all proposals.
  • Administrator Administrators can update company settings, manage users, and manage proposals. They cannot manage billing settings.
  • Editors Editors can manage the full library of proposals, but cannot manage company settings or invite new users.
  • Collaborators Collaborators can create and edit their own proposals as well as edit proposals they're specifically invited to.

User FAQs

Managing users in eShakkhor is simple and easy.

Can I have more than one account owner?

No, by default, only a single account owner is registered on the account.

Why should I use the Collaborator role over the Editor role?

Collaborators only have access to proposals they create or are specifically added to. If you find that some people in your organization don’t need vision over the company’s entire roll of proposals, they likely only need Collaborator access.

I've hit my limit with the users in my plan. What now?

If you find that you’ve hit your limit on users but need to purchase additional seats, simply let us know and we can work out a custom plan for you.