Custom Brand Your eShakkhor Experience

Make eShakkhor a solution of your own with our white-labeled solution.
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White Labeling in Proposa

Your Own Proposal Solution

With our white-labeled solution, eShakkhor is yours. There's no mention of us, anywhere. Your brand. Your solution.

  • Custom Sub Domain Your proposals will live on a sub domain that is all yours.
  • Your Brand. Not Ours. There will be no mentions of eShakkhor anywhere.

White Labeling FAQs

Your solution, powered by Proposa. You get all the benefits of a completely white-labeled solution that looks and feels like it’s all your own.

Can I use my own logo or brand without white-labeling?

Yes! In all of our plans, you have the capability to upload your own logo and brand.

What is a custom sub domain?

Normally, Proposa’s URLs generated by the platform will start out like this.

With our white-labeling solution, it comes from you:

Will Proposa's brand appear on my proposals?

Absolutely not. Without white-labeling, we put a very small, non-descript “Powered by Proposa” line at the bottom of each proposal. That’s removed with our white-labeling option.